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Looking for that once in a lifetime cheese making experience? This class is for you! Upon arrival you will roll up your sleeves, put on a hairnet and get your hands wet in a Vat full of curds and whey! You will learn how to use the equipment and see the cheese aging room before being treated to a full ranch tour that includes everything from the Milking parlor to the Loafing barn. Naturally there will be plenty of cheese tasting before lunch in our family party room.


     This Class Includes:

  • Hands on Cheese Making

  • Full Ranch Tour

  • Animal TLC

  • Cheese Tasting

  • Deli sandwich 

  • Length of Class 2 1/2 hours

Cheese Making Class

  • 11:00 am

      Classes begin at 11:00 am and end around 1:30 pm.

    Classes are subject to having at least 15 people per class.

    *Cost: $120 per person, $110.00 without lunch

    ** For Corporate Off sites & Private Groups there is a minimum guarantee of $1,200 for a private group, additional

    $120 pp after 10 people.

    We do have a 4 day cancellation fee of $50.00 per person to cover expenses.

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