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LIght cheese wall
Achadinha Cheese Company logo of a cow and goat eating grapes

Fresh, farmstead cheese

The Achadinha (Osh-a-deen-a) Cheese Company is a family operated ranch lead by Jim and Donna Pacheco along with their four children William, Daniel, Elizabeth and David. This family tradition began 3 generations ago in Achadinha, Portugal and Vallejo, California with both of Jim's grandfathers milking cows. In 1955 Jim's parents branched out on their own and eventually in 1969 they ended up in Petaluma where the Pachecos are currently milking 50 Jersey cows to make their own Farmstead cheeses. They are also raising beef cows, pigs, sheep, horses, chickens, dogs, cats and ducks. discover what makes our cheeses special and why we are proud to bring them direct from the ranch to you.

Donna and Elizabeth with a baby goat
calf walking

Keeping Family Farms Thriving

We have roughly100 cows to keep us all busy. The cows (girls) are pastured on 230 acres. They are fed brewers grain and yeast from 4 local breweries, whey and just enough oat and alfalfa hay to keep their diet balanced. We do not use hormones or pesticides on the ranch and we work with the girls natural cycle, meaning we produce less cheese in the winter months when the girls are lower in milk production. Our cheese is very different from season to season because of what the girls are eating.

jersey cow
wheels of cheese

Delicious Cheese Delivered To Your Door

What Customers Say:

“Just tried your cheese at the Channel Island Farmer's Market. We love your cheeses! Having a glass of Sav. Blanc with the Capricious as recommended. It is an awesome pairing!" -Happy Customer

cows with ranch in background
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